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An online software and technology magazine for Fiji.


Vol 1 2014 

  1. R. Chandra, The Gadget Revolution
  2. R. Chandra, Safety on the Internet
  3. R. Chandra, Mobile ICT: Future of Fijian Agiculture



Submission Guidelines

Email your articles that can include essays, research ideas and notes, book and software reviews, programming and software tips and  software tutorials. Submissions will be peer reviewed before publication. Note that submission does not ensure publication and only original and non published work will be considered.   

Type of Submission: Research Articles and Essays

Publication method:  Selected articles and essays will  be published end of 2014 in a book that will be available for open access and print versions also available through on demand printing.


Submit your work to:

The Editor

Viti Tech Magazine

Dr. Rohitash Chandra

email: c.rohitash (at) gmail.com


Viti Tech Magazine will be published by SFF Press. A Book Edition will be published online yearly. It will have creative common licence and a print on demand  edition will be available for purchase in Amazon.com



  1. Free and Open Source Software
  2. Software for Education
  3. Computer and Information Literacy for Schools in Fiji
  4. Software for Business and E-commerce in Fiji
  5. Software in Science and Engineering
  6. Mobile Computing, Smart Phones– Impact and Social Issues
  7. The Effects of Social Networks
  8. Online learning
  9. Software and Information System for Hospitals
  10. Software for the elderly, special needs and disabled community
  11. Software Security, Virus and Spam-ware
  12. The Future of Software and Technology
  13. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  14. Business Intelligence
  15. Business Informatics
  16. Environmental Informatics
  17. Medical Informatics
  18. Social Computing
  19. Internet of Things
  20. Big Data
  21. E-Commerce
  22. Mobile Learning