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Service and Consultancy

  1. Android Mobile Application Development
  2. Business Software Development
  3. Website Development
  4. Web Hosting
  5. Cloud Computing Support
  6. Software in Health, Medical and Developmental Informatics
  7. E-Learning Package for Secondary Schools

email: coordinator (at) softwarefoundationfiji.org for more information.

List of Consultants

  1. Mr. Shelvin Chand – Website and Android Application Development. (Contact Email: )
  2. Dr. Rohitash Chandra – Medical Software, Andorid Software , Cloud Computing, Training for Linux and Programming , Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Engineering, e-learning systems (Contact Email: c.rohitash at gmail.com)
  3. Dr. Munir Naveed – ERP systems, Website development, Mobile Systems, Cloud Computing, Information Systems, Cyber Security, Games.

Note that 20 percent of the profit of the projects undertaken by consultants will be given to Software Foundation Fiji.


email: coordinator (at) softwarefoundationfiji.org for more information and to be listed as a consultant.

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