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Current Projects

Website Development 

Vunimono High School, Nausori: SFF has developed website and is training the school team to maintain their website as well.

E-Learning for High School: SFF has installed Moodle LMS for Vunimono High School which will be used by Form 7 from 2014.

Research and Software Development 

Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics Research Group is active in cutting edge research in related area. Software development in Artificial Intelligence and Medical Informatics is active in this group. More given here.

SFF Interview Series

SFF Interview series archives interviews of academics and industry experts who have contributed significantly to ICT and linked with Fiji.  More given here.

The 100 Laptops Project

The Software Foundation of Fiji aims to raise funds for purchasing 100 laptops which will run Ubuntu Linux operating system. These laptops will be the sole property of the foundation.  They  will be leased to selected primary and secondary schools in rural areas for a period of 3 years for free. The members of the foundation will ensure that the laptops are maintained and and agreement will be made with the schools to ensure that they are used by students only.

The members of the foundation will also provide free training to the teachers in order to create a good learning environment.

This project is open to Donations and Sponsorship.