Summer of Code: Programming Competition



Software Foundation hosts SUMMER of CODE programming competition for secondary schools and tertiary institutes.

C++ Programming Language will be used. The
competition also has a open category.


  1. 6 weeks of resources and online training given and available from April 1st 2015.
  2. Registration fees to be paid when registered to Software Foundation bank account
  3. A team of 2 – 5 members including the teacher who will only assist in the competition, but will have access to all resources.
  4. Each school can have several teams.
  5. Open Category will restrict 2 members per team.
  6. All training will be done through Moodle online learning. If resources are given, then 2 hours per week meeting will be arranged in Nausori-Suva and Lautoka for support.


  1. Secondary School
  2. Tertiary Institutes
  3. Open Category


  1. 50.00 per team. USB of Software and Videos will be given to each team upon registration.c
  2. Email list of team members with their email addresses to Software Foundation Secretary: Mr. Ravishel Naicker, in order to register. Bank details will be given in order to make payment. Once payment receipt is emailed, then registration will be confirmed and Moodle access will be given.
  3. will be used to give materials for competition
  4. Introduction of the competition will be given first week of December at USP Laucala.
  5. Registration Deadline is 25th November.


More details can be given by Software Foundation Vice President, Ms. Swaran Ravindra,



  1. Certificate of Participation
  2. Special prizes (TBA)

Programming Competition Panel of Judges

  1. Dr. Rohitash Chandra, President of Software Foundation
  2. Dr. Nicholas Rollings, Associate Professor  in GIS at University of the South Pacific
  3. Dr. Anurag Sharma, School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences, University of the South Pacific
  4. Dr. Akash Dutt Dubey, School of Mathematical  and Computing Sciences, Fiji National University
  5. Prof. Shaukat Ali, School of Science and Technology, University of Fiji
  6. Ms. Swaran Ravindra, Vice President, Software Foundation
  7. Mr. Shivanesh Lal, Software Foundation
  8. Mr. Faraaz Mustapha, Software Foundation
  9. Mr. Eric Arifanata, Solomon Islands Chapter Coordinator, Software Foundation
  10. Mr. Gary Wong, Graduate Programmer, Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics research Group, Software Foundation
  11. Mr. Ratneel Deo, Graduate Programmer, Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics research Group, Software Foundation
  12. Mr. Ravishel Naicker, Secretary, Software Foundation.





Open Source Revolution in Fiji Continues

Software Foundation organised Linux for Beginners workshop at USP Laucala and Lautoka Campus on the 2nd Ausgust 2014. A total of 27 participants took part in Laulaca Campus and 15 in Lautoka Campus through distance mode. Software Foundation used Moodle for its eLearning. The partcipants ranged from information technology experts to high school students.

Mr. Rajiv Goundar and Mr. Shelvin chand facilitated the distance mode in USP Lautoka Campus. Dr. Rohitash Chandra coordinated the event at the Laucala Campus with instructors that included  Mr. Faraaz Mustapha and Mr. Shivanesh Lal.  Mr. Ravishel Naicker, Ms. Swaran Ravindra and Mrs. Ronika Chandra provided further organisational support.

Seven staff from Fiji Nation Provident Fund (FNPF) took part in the event as FNPF is exploring options to migrate to Open Source Software such as Libre Office and Linux in the near future.

The participants gave a positive feedback about the workshop and look forward to future events by the foundation.

Software Foundation is thankful to School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences for sponsoring the venue and refreshments for the workshop. We also thank USP Lautoka Campus for providing the venue for the distance and flexible mode.


The workshop highlights the philosophy behind free open source software such as Linux which has the same features of other operating systems such as Windows and Apple Macintosh. Advantages of Linux over them are that it is free to use, efficient, and free from viruses. The workshop includes seminars, tutorial sessions and demonstrations for installation using Linux Ubuntu Mint. The Seminar covers open source philosophy, history of Ubuntu and Mint, features and compatibility, problems and solutions. The tutorial sessions gives hands on experience to Linux desktop computing to participants who may not have any prior usage of Linux. Short exercise will be gives to participants during the tutorial sessions. Multimedia on Linux with Safety and Security will also be covered in the workshop. Demonstration of Linux Installation with Discussion of Linux and Open Source adoption for Education, government and industry ends the workshop.

Preparing for Book Launch: Being at Home

Software Foundation President, Dr. Rohitash Chandra was interviewed by Fiji Sun journalist, Ms. Zafiya Shamim about the upcoming launch of collection of poetry and essays, Being at Home. Here is the interview.




E-Learning Package for Secondary Schools

Would you like your school to have state of art e-learning systems such as Khan Academy Lite, Koha for library management  and Moodle for e-learning? Would you like school students to have same access to technology as given in universities?

Would you like to enable students with access to Internet and e-learning resources on their Tablets and Laptops at school? Software Foundation offers affordable e-learning package for secondary schools e to promote e-learning in Fiji.

E-Learning Package for Secondary Schools

Software and Services

  1. Installation for Moodle, Khan Academy Lite and Koha
  2. Proxy Server for Monitoring Internet Content (to block some sites)
  3. Maintenance of Software Systems
  4. Training of Teachers and Admins
  5. Educational videos (Tutorials and documentaries)
  6. Education Softwares
  7. Open Source Software Installation and Support (Linux and Open Office)
  8. Printer management
  9. Big Blue Button
  10. Khan Academy Videos
  11. Cloud Computing Solutions


Interview: E-learning Project at Vunimono High School

A student, Ms. Rimple Prasad, interviews Software Foundation President, Dr. Rohitash Chandra about their e-learning project at Vunimono High School in Nausori.


Mobile ICT: The future of Fijian Agriculture

The use of mobile applications in smart-phones have increasingly becoming popular in a wide range of areas such as business, health, education and also agriculture. It is important to make use of the current development of mobile applications and educate our farmers about them.


The Laptop and Tablet Appeal

Do you have Laptops and Tablets that are working but you are not using as they may be few years old or infected with viruses? Would you like see them being used by students for e-learning in schools in Fiji?

Software Foundation is currently working on a pilot project for e-learning in secondary schools. We have been advising Vunimono High School in Nausori for their e-learning project where Form 6 and 7 students will be able to bring their Laptops and Tablets and use in school. The school has purchased a server that provides wireless intranet connection throughout the school premises. The server will host Khan Academy Lite, Educational Videos, Wikipedia and other educational material for Intranet. The school is now using Moodle and is one of the few schools in Fiji that has dual boot Windows/Linux in its lab computers. (more…)

E-Learning Workshop for Secondary Schools

Description: The goal of the course is to introduce teachers to the use of software for e-learning via devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets, Laptops and Desktops.  The use of Moodle for course management and delivery will be covered.  Teachers will be trained to manege courses that includes assignments and electronic media such as videos and notes. Safety, security and a number of related issues in e-learning will be highlighted.  (more…)

The Server Appeal

Software Foundation (Fiji) would like to appeal to members of the public and organisation for sponsorship and donations for purchasing a high end computation server that is needed Software Foundations research group called Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics Research Group. The group has been involved in cutting edge research in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Health and Medical Infomatics. Recently, the research from the group has been accepted in international A ranked publications. Active projects by the group is given here.

Our goal is to raise 6000 FJD for the server.

Software Foundation President, Dr. Rohitash Chandra has donated 1000.00 FJD to the project and appealing to the community to help in reaching the goal. Please help us in advancing research in science and technology in Fiji. (more…)

Opinion: Migration to Linux


In everyday computing, if you need to do programming, use Internet, play music and movies, then Linux can do all the work where Windows have been used. If you introduce students with Linux in secondary schools, then Windows for them will be foreign. I believe that the education system should not promote or advertise  a particular software product and therefore, only Linux should be use in secondary schools as its Open Source. Students in developing cannot afford high cost of MS Office – Open Office can fulfill most of the needs for students and even in office. In universities, it is fair to have both Windows and Linux in Computer Literacy courses. Universities should introduce students to Open Office and not only rely on MS Office.