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The membership will consist of software professionals, School teachers, IT managers, Engineers, Scientists, Consultants and Technicians. Professionals interested to learn about software development and  interested in charity work can apply. These include Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Government Officials, Project Managers, OHS officers, Health Officers, Police Officers, NGO officials etc.

Membership Levels

  1. Student Member: School and University students are eligible.
  2. Professional Member: Experts and professionals from all backgrounds are eligible. (not limited to ICT)
  3. Senior Member: A senior member will have 10 years of work experience. A Bachelors degree will count towards 3 years of experience, a masters degree will count towards 5 years of experience and a Doctorate degree will count towards 8 years of experience, respectively. Individuals with exceptional achievements in research, software development and service will be eligible. A senior member can also be an honorary member.
  4. Honorary Member: Those with exceptional achievements in terms of research and experience. Honorary members are not required to pay membership dues.
  5. Organizational and Company Membership: The membership dues in this case will depend on the type of the company which will be classed as Limited Liability, Partnership and Sole Trader. (Fee will be dependable on the type and size of the organisation. The fee will be decided by the President)
  6. Fellow: Highest grade of membership. Fellows are not required to pay membership dues. Requirements are same as IEEE Senior Membership.

* Membership is free for everyone.  



The responsibilities of the members are as follows:

1. Members are required to participate and help in the organization for fundraising activities such as workshop and social events.

2. Members are also required to promote SFF in order to achieve its goals.


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  1. The person should be physically and mentally strong and willing to work for SFF individually or as a team. The member must work in harmony with the other members with professionalism and according to the aims and objectives of SFF kept as the basis of the work done.

  1. A member is selected and can be removed by the President for misconduct.

  1. The member will follow the Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures of SFF when the need arises. This will be the first step before the member decides to terminate membership.

  1. The member must work in line with the Constitution of SFF.

  1. The member will give his/her best efforts to fulfil the objectives and tasks assigned to him or her.

  1. The member should attend the general meetings and participate fully. Written notice must be given for being absent prior to the meeting.

  1. The member must give one month’s notice in writing prior to terminating his/her membership with SFF. Any sudden termination of membership must be approved by the President with consent having been obtained first after conducting a meeting on the subject. 


Expulsion or Suspension

Members who engage in activities that oppose the aims and objectives of the foundation will be subject to disciplinary actions and can be expelled and suspended.  The final decision will be made by the President and implemented by removing the member from the email list, any organization team, and ensuring the proper return of any proprieties that belong to the foundation.