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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events:

2017 Website Designing Competition

2017 Membership Drive and call for council members


Our past events include:

The following are planned but not finalized

  1. Linux for Intermediate/Advance Users
  2. Android Application Development for Beginners
  3. Computer Literacy using Tablets and SmartPhones: The goal of the course is to introduce students to use of software for educational and office productivity via smart phones and Tablets. Social network access, Internet access and multimedia support will be provided. Safety, security and a number of issues will be highlighted.
  4. C++ Programming Workshop: Topics include control statements, repetition, arrays, functions, recursion, strings, files and structs with basics of object oriented programming.   As a prerequisite, the students should know about the basics of programming. The boot camp will concentrate mostly on problem solving abilities, however, the fundamental topics of programming constructs will be revised.