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  1. Software Foundation Fiji is a non-profit organisation. What is a non-profit organisation? Software Foundation is registered in Fiji as a ‘charitable trust’, Registration No. 911 under the registration act. In other words, it is a ‘Non-Profit’ Organisation (NPO). 
  2. Who funds the running of Software Foundation? SFF is managing itself with no external funding from the government or any donor agencies. It works with little donation given from the founding members. Funding bodies and the general public is welcome to donate in order to help the organisation reach its aims and goals. Companies can become sponsors for specific events. See our donation and sponsorship page for details. 
  3. Can a non-profit organisation engage in activities that make profit?  A non-profit organisation makes profit which is called social profit that is used for community development. This is how it is different from a company where the profit goes to the board of directors directors.
  4. What is SFF Service and Consultancy and how will it help the organisation reach its aims and goals? “SFF Service and Consultancy” branch is used to make social profit for community development. A number of experts will be registered as consultants. In that way, if someone wants to develop a website, then we will take the project and offer employment and any social profit will be used for community development – i.e to fulfill our aims and goals. 
  5. How will SFF raise awareness to reach its aims and goals for education in schools?   We are promoting Ubuntu and Linux Mint as the alternate OS to Windows. Linux Mint is built on Ubuntu and has a good interface for students to easily migrate from Windows as needed.We have requested the Ministry of Education to make Open Office as the default office productivity system for students since it is free and have most of the feature to meet professional requirements of the industry.
  6. Does Software Foundation Fiji make any profit in promoting open source software? No
  7. Software Foundation Linux Workshops are intended to replace RedHat training?  Its a good initiative to accommodate Red Hat Linux training in South Pacific. It is needed for administration, but not necessarily a requirement for Linux administrators, although it has its place: https://www.redhat.com/wapps/store/catalog.html In developing nations, looking at the costs, alternatives can be used such as Ubuntu Linux Server in place of Red Hat, especially for ELearning Platforms. The goal of the Linux Workshops by Software Foundation is to train people to use Linux for everyday computing. Basically to give them option over Windows. There are Intermediate and Admin Linux Workshops planned for future that can train Linux Administrators for cost less than 100 FJD. This howsoever, does not replace any professional training, but gives further options to the Open Source community.