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Brief History

The Software Foundation Fiji has been formerly known as Free Open Source Software Foundation of Fiji (FOSS Fiji) which was established at the Fiji National University  on September 28, 2010. FOSS Fiji was founded by Dr. Rohitash Chandra, who at that time was a lecturer at Fiji National University. Mr. Krishnil Chand, who at that time was an Assistant  Lecturer  at Fiji National University co-founded the foundation with Dr. Chandra.

A seminar called “Linux and the Open Source World” was given in August 2010 at the Fiji National University, Samabula Campus. There was much interest from people on Linux and Dr. Chandra proposed that a foundation should be formed in order to provide support and awareness for open source software in Fiji. Dr. Chandra returned to New Zealand to complete his graduate studies, during his absence, some members engaged in regular discussion through their group in Facebook.

A meeting was called on 28th October 2011 to revive the foundation and it was agreed upon that FOSS Fiji would be called Software Foundation of Fiji. In the meeting, it was planned that the foundation will create awareness on software development and use through workshops, seminars, tutorials and newsletter of the foundation.

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