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Fijian Scientist awarded prestigious Sydney Fellowship

Congratulations to Software Foundation Founder and Chairman, Dr. Rohitash Chandra for being awarded Chancellors Fellowship Awards at the University of Sydney. Dr. Chandra will begin within a month at the Centre for Translational Data Science as the University of Sydney Fellow for a period of three years. http://sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2016/11/02/11-outstanding-early-career-researchers-join-the-university.html


Statement from Dr. Chandra

I will be developing methods to improve existing tools area of artificial intelligence and machine learning. I will be working with methods in deep learning and neural networks. These are models that are motivated from the human brain. Recently, they have gained attention as tools for self-driving cars and automatic face and facial expression recognition used by social networks such as Facebook. I will develop strategies to further improve these models and apply to the area of earthquakes and cyclones. Particularly I will be developing software systems guided by deep learning that can be used to predict future occurrences or earthquakes or behavior of cyclones. Moreover, I will also look at other climate change challenges such as air pollution. I will employ deep learning as predictive models through which warning can be issued for the population at risk. Apart from these, I will also be working in the area of computational neuroscience and machine consciousness. I will try to simulate the learning behavior of the human brain and other aspects of consciousness that include personality and attention.
In the past, I have used some of the related methods to develop predictive models for cyclones using data from the South Pacific. Last year, I have also used machine learning methods in the area of efficient design of jet engines when I was a Research Fellow in Singapore at Rolls Royce @NTU Corp. Lab, Nanyang Technological University. They have well prepared me for the Fellowship.

I will be based at the Centre for Translational Data Science, the University of Sydney for next three years. It was a very competitive process to be awarded the Fellowship as I had to compete with scientists around the world. My research proposal, experience from past projects and publications in leading venues helped me to secure the award. The award is very prestigious and it is a rare opportunity for researchers from Pacific Island countries to secure the award.

Dr. Chandra’s research and publication can be accessed from here:


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