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South Pacific Writing Competition: Advancement of Software and Technology

The Software Foundation Fiji presents  South Pacific Writing  Competition on the theme  of“Advancement  of Software and Technology”. The competition is open to everyone in the following categories:

  1. Primary Schools
  2. Secondary Schools
  3. Tertiary Education Institutes
  4. Open Category

Theme: “Advancement of Software and Technology”


  1. Free and Open Source Software
  2. Software for Education
  3. Computer and Information Literacy for Schools
  4. Software for Business and E-commerce
  5. Software in Science and Engineering
  6. Mobile Computing, Smart Phones– Impact and Social Issues
  7. The Effects of Social Networks
  8. Online learning
  9. Software and Information System for Hospitals
  10. Software for the elderly, special needs and disabled community
  11. Software Security, Virus and Spam-ware
  12. The Future of Software and Technology
  13. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  14. Health and Medical Informatics
  15. Environmental Informatics and Climate Change
  16. Wearable Computing
  17. Big Data and Cloud Computing
  18. GPS Location Based Services and Society –  Friend or Foe
  19. Open topic (Any topic relating to the theme)



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