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Medical Informatics Survey

Survey for Medical Practioners in Fiji

This survey is being conducted to find out the current state of Health Information Systems in Fiji. The results will be utilised to ascertain if there is a need to upgrade/change the current Health Information Systems used in Fijian Government Hospitals. The results will be used to establish if the people of Fiji are ready to have a web based/online Electronic MedicalRecords System that can be accessed online through computers or smartphones in any government hospital or any location in Fiji
The sogo link for medical practitioners in Fiji:


Contact: Ms. Swaran Ravindra, MSc Student, School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences, University of the South Pacific.

Email: swaran_ravindra@yahoo.com


All information gathered will be treated as highly confidential. Participants do not need to reveal their names. Ministry of Health Ethics Approval/FNRERC# 2014.31.FNRERC.24.NW


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