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Moodle Elearning should aid teachers

Ministry of Education in Fiji should have a Moodle elearning site that enrolls all teachers according to their subject areas. Each subject portal or course in Moodle should have state  of art content that includes animation, video tutorials, notes, assignments, projects, quiz, open source software and other related open educational resources (OER)  materials. In this way, subjects that are difficult to teach, such as mathematics,  can become more interesting for students whether in primary or secondary school.
Teachers do not need to create the content from scratch and more time will be used in delivering the content. Experts in each subject area who have knowledge and experience of OER should develop the Moodle course. Technical courses can greatly benefit from these. Teachers can then use these materials in their classes and share with students as Tablets and Mobile Phones are becoming more affordable and can be useful in e-learning.
In this way, the same electronic  content can be distributed by teachers in all schools in the country.  USBs can be used to distribute the content in remote areas.
The same approach can be used throughout the South Pacific.

Dr. Rohitash Chandra

President, Software Foundation

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